ERASMUS+ KA1  5-day course
Creation of research-based digital materials (Moodle) to develop STEM competences

Course organized by SCORE project (Erasmus + KA2) in collaboration with ALICANTE UNIVERSITY.

Alicante (SPAIN). From 3 to 7 September 2018


  • To familiarize participants with examples of good practice in STEM teaching demonstrated by work developed under the SCORE project.
  • To discuss the use of the Moodle platform to develop STEM competences in elementary/secondary school.
  • To explore the integration of interactive HTML5 simulations (JSXGraph and H5P) in web environments (Moodle, Wordpress, ..)
  • To encourage participants to develop teaching materials using e-Learning tools.
  • To learn how to use Learning Analytics tools to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the teaching process.
  • To share educational experiences and increase collaboration within the European dimension of STEM education


From the presentation of some Science and Mathematics materials developed by SCORE project (see example here , login usu:teacher ; pass:teacher), participants will be invited to discuss some guidelines to create digital materials based on the results of didactic research and analyze their didactic effectiveness.

The course is composed of three type of sessions:

  • PLENARY: background talks by experts or presentation of participants experiences followed by a discussion.
  • WORKSHOP: computer room sessions about exploring interactive resources, Moodle STEM materials and assessment analytical procedures.
  • WORKING GROUP: hands on sessions where participants, working in small groups and assisted by a tutor, create interactive learning material.

The course programme

1. Course preparation (online, starting on 1st of July 2018): Participants will be sent details of a personal account to access to the preparation course. It is a Moodle course where participants could share info about themselves and their KA1 project. It is intended also to use this environment to update Moodle skills and to have an overview of the materials created by SCORE partnership.

2. Course set up (face to face)

Monday, 3rd September (9:30 – 13:30): · Welcome session: Introduction of trainers and participants. · Plenary session: SCORE project aims and results · Workshop: Exploring  STEM competence based Moodle materials · Workshop: Using Moodle: course set up and STEM learning resources with JSXGraph and H5P. (Afternoon): Online Working groups: teams (of 2-4 participants) begin the design of the course-project. (Evening):Social Activity: visit to Alicante city

Tuesday, 4th September (9:00 am – 13:30): · Plenary session: Science Education in Europe (talk & presentation of participants experiences) · Workshop: Exploring Science-Moodle materials · Workshop: Using Moodle: quizzes with STEM specific question types. (Afternoon): Working groups: teams continue building the course-project.

Wednesday, 5th September (9:00 am – 13:30) · Plenary session: Maths Education in Europe (talk & presentation of participants experiences). · Workshop: Exploring Maths-Moodle materials materials · Workshop: Using Moodle: forums for specific STEM teaching. (Afternoon): Working groups: teams continue building the course-project. (Evening): Social Activity: visit to La VilaJoiosa fishing town.Tapas dinner.

Thursday, 6th September (9:00 am – 13:30): · Background session: Assessment of STEM competences (talk & presentation of participants experiences) · Workshop: Exploring Moodle Learning Analytical tools · Workshop: Using Moodle.Monitoring and tracking student activity with the gradebook and analytical tools.(Afternoon): Working groups: teams continue building the course-project.

Friday, 7th September (9:00 am – 13:30): · Working groups: teams finalising the course-project · General discussion on the course-projects created · Evaluation, final notes and conclusions. (Evening): Social Activity: Farewell dinner.

3. Course follow up (on line, ending on December 2018): Participants will continue developing their course-project. Using a work-based training approach under the mentorship of SCORE partners, participants will be encouraged to pilot the materials created in their own school using their own VLE or the SCORE platform. The results of these experiences will be shared through the Moodle forums.

Course venue: Alacant University city venue

ERASMUS KA1 Mobility Course included in the School Education Gateway catalogue:

Express your interest here/(Spanish teachers here): Selected participants will be contacted by email in order to confirm their participation